Summer Program for 8th ~ Kinder

Course Description

We offer a 8-week summer camp program for children entering Kindergarten through 8th grade in this September. We offer 3 different summer programs.

  1. Junior and H.S. pre-prep courses. This will be excellent time for middle school students, especially for becoming 8th grade students who wish to take High school entrance test. Zenith Academy is well known as a H.S. prep institution.
  2. Learn and Fun camp. This is one of the best summer program for Elementary age students from Kindergarten to 6th grade students. By participating to this program, student will improve many areas not only academic level but also social skill, physical strength, creativity and challenging.
  3. Coding and Robotics camp. If you are looking for STEM education for your children, this course will be answer. To learn more about this program, it is better to visit our separated website for Coding and Robotics. or Facebook.

Course Curriculum

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